It's all about feeling worthy enough to take care of myself.

~ Oprah Winfrey


"You must take personal responsibility.

You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself.

That is something you have charge of." - Jim Rohn

About Soul Light Institute of Massage & Holistic Healing

SOUL LIGHT INSTITUTE OF MASSAGE AND HOLISTIC HEALING was founded by Petra Stampfer and uniquely offers several healing modalities and complementary therapies based on scientific research and ancient wisdom. As we see every person as unique they will be combined as an ‘Individual Therapy and Healing Session’.

SOUL LIGHT INSTITUTE OF MASSAGE AND HOLISTIC HEALING is based in Melbourne, Victoria, offering treatments and workshops in Soul Connection, Self Discovery, Teaching Life Skills, Manifestation of Love, Success and Happiness as well as Teaching Complementary Therapies to practitioners and for Self Healing and impart knowledge of Self-Help Techniques.

Our health is essential for our BEING. The words ‘holism’, ‘holistic healing’, ‘holy’ come from the word ‘whole’. To be healed means to become ‘Whole’. At SOUL LIGHT INSTITUTE OF MASSAGE AND HOLISTIC HEALING we work with all parts of our ‘Being’: Body, Mind, Spirit & Soul. We encourage people to get it contact within and with their Mind, Body and Soul.

To become ‘Whole’ and stay healthy means to experience ‘One Self’ as part of the Whole, the ‘Infinite Consciousness’ and the ‘Infinite Oneness’. Disease is an indication that shows us that we are seperated from our natural flow and our existential nature. We find ourselves in imbalance, almost everything is a burden, we are blocked and have been diverted from our natural flow.

Our parts of ‘Being’ are not working together for our highest good. We get lost in our perception and belief system, we are confused, stressed and suffer and every obstacle is obstructing our natural, healthy flow. To be unhealthy means to be disconnected from ‘the Whole’ and we are creating that state ourselves.

At SOUL LIGHT INSTITUTE OF MASSAGE AND HOLISTIC HEALING we support you in getting your life back in balance, your mind healthy, your body into flow and we help you to get in touch with your soul so that health, love and happiness can arise again.

Tap into the secrets of Self-Discovery and Healing!

"I wanted to change the world. But I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself." ~ Aldous Huxley ~

How you benefit:

By attending our programs, you will be inspired and motivated to play an active committed role in your own healing and personal development integrating practical techniques that you’ve learned in our workshops or individual sessions:

  • Learn to heal yourself
  • Clarify and clear recurring issues in your life
  • Become more committed to your own responsibility in life and work actively to achieve the best results possible in your health and mind
  • Gain inner peace and wellbeing
  • See behind the stories and situations in your life and find out about their deeper meaning
  • Tap into your full potential
  • Personal and spiritual growth
  • Find authentic love

Ethical Principle:

Our work is targeted on cultivating an understanding of individual authority and acquirement instead of dependence.

  • We respect individual choice
  • Human Dignity
  • Values and Beliefs are respected
  • Respect for Ethical Co-operation
  • Respect for own integrity and integrity of our healing and teaching work
  • Respect for the higher self and higher good of all
  • We honour the confidence you have in us and share it in an respectful, honest, open and loving way
  • All personal information is treated with confidentially
  • We honour Mother Earth and all her creatures

What makes us different?

  • We believe in people being individuals and therefore need individual treatment and therapies.
  • We relish working with people who want to do all possible to regain and sustain their health and are open to work with the issues.
  • We believe in the power of the individual.
  • The atmosphere at SOUL LIGHT INSTITUTE OF MASSAGE AND HOLISTIC HEALING is one of positivity, peace, hope and compassion.

Our aim is to reinforce what people are doing with their regular health practitioners through our holistic healing approach and by teaching self-help techniques like Meditation, Soul Light Energy Healing and Sensitive Resonance Therapy. We believe that this holistically approach actively contributes to an effective healing process and the heightening of wellbeing. As practitioners we treat our clients with Complementary Therapies to reinforce the self-healing process of body, mind and soul.

Our clients are encouraged to continue taking their prescriptions and to consult with their physicians on medical matters. The modalities at SOUL LIGHT INSTITUTE OF MASSAGE AND HOLISTIC HEALING should be seen as a complement to traditional medicine.

About Petra

Petra Stampfer
Married, 1 Child
Born in Augsburg , Germany
In Melbourne since 2007

Petra’s life comprises being forced to life through forceps in 1962. Having experienced this birth trauma she always felt like having no choice in life and life needs to be taken the way it unfolds, no matter what she thought. Going through a divorce in her first marriage she worked through a couple of issues and gained strength. She found healing in painting with silk and other creative modalities. She developed practice in creating jewelry and therefore fall in love with crystals. This deep connection and love is since unbroken.

Her job working in a travel agency over 27 years was very interesting and diversified. It allowed her to discover many parts of the world, get in contact with different cultures and races. She had the opportunity not just to be a consultant but as well guide groups into foreign countries. So working directly with people and customers all over her work life, she easily got along working with clients in coaching and healing.

Going through some workplace bullying around her 40ies she started to read books about bullying and she made her way through this challenge. Having daily headaches since her 20ies Petra started getting more and more interested in meditation, coaching and psychological consultations. Then when her dad died a couple of years ago it was the total reversal point and she started studying ‘Life Coaching’, 3in1concepts (Kinesiology), Soul Light Energy Healing (Reiki) and found her connection to the crystals fulfilled in learning the Crystal Balance Massage.

Through using a ‘Dowsing – One Hand Rod’ in the massage training she came in contact with the teachings and findings of Erich Koerbler (New Homeopathy). In becoming a meditation teacher she also stepped out of her old role, took on more responsibility for herself by addressing more issues from her past and making necessary changes in her life. Going deeper and deeper within brings her inner peace and serenity. Her connection with ‘Source’ and her ‘Trust in Life’ has become strong and she enjoys life, being passionated of educating and empowering others in self development, spirituality and healing modalities. Using these techniques as a qualified practitioner as well, it’s been her personal mission since to find simple and effective ways to help people harness their personal energy and change their lives. She feels extremely blessed to do what she loves, and she loves what she does.

Professional Qualifications:

  • Professional Meditation Teacher - Diploma, accredited by the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists (I.I.C.T.)
  • Certified Crystal Light Healing ™ Practitioner
  • Crystal Balance Massage – Diploma with Monika Grundmann – book author and holistic cosmetic teacher – effective healing method for professional relaxation and health
  • Reflexology – a reflexology-massage with crystal styluses/wands for wellbeing and healing as taught by Ewald Kliegel – a contemporary German homeopathic practitioner and book author
  • Reiki Master – as taught by Reiki Master Claudia Beer at her own Institute for Body, Mind & Soul in Germany
  • Kinesiology – Stress Relief through body balancing and muscle testing, at INSTITUT AS , Augsburg , Germany
  • Life and Personal Coaching – Certificate and Diploma - 2 year study completed at SGD Darmstadt, Germany in 2007
  • The Wish™ - accredited facilitator – a new energy game that connects you with your deepest wishes
  • Sensitive Resonance Therapy – Informational Medicine according to Erich Koerbler (life energy scientist) as taught by Roswitha Stark, homeopath and book author
  • Certified Animal Dreaming Practitioner – Sea World Resort 2009, Scott Alexander King
  • RESET 1 – Rafferty Energy System of Easing the Temporomandibular joint, Balance the Jaw Balance the Body
  • Senior First Aid Workplace L2 – Red Cross, Melbourne

Professional Memberships:

  • International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) - Accredited Member www.iict.com.au

Continuing education:

  • Medical Intuition with Helen Paige, Melbourne

Our Vision/Our Mission

At SOUL LIGHT INSTITUTE OF MASSAGE AND HOLISTIC HEALING we want to make a difference in the life of peoples and our aim is to reconnect them with their souls and hearts. We take action and participate in healing our Mother Earth and in raising the consciousness of all human beings to make this planet a better place for all humans, especially our children and as well our animal friends.

We teach people in taking on responsibility for their lives, health and actions and support them in experiencing growth, fun and fulfillment through our workshops and treatments. We love to teach and guide those that are ready, to let go, to forgive and to ultimately find their pathway back to their hearts and souls - to their true destiny.

We think peace and we create peace where ever we can. We share a vision all people living in liberty, peace and harmony with eachother, equality and freedom.

"Until mankind can extend the circle of his compassion to include
all living things, he will never, himself, know peace."
~ Albert Schweitzer ~
(Theologian and Nobel Prize recipient, 1950)

When you are surrounded by negative energies, then your life won’t be working for you. We support and assist you in clearing your blockages whether they are connected with the ‘Present’, a ‘Past Life’, ‘Ancestors’ or ‘Karmic Patterns’.

At SOUL LIGHT INSTITUTE OF MASSAGE AND HOLISTIC HEALING we provide resources to increase your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and help you creating a real constant happiness in your life regardless of your past experiences. Once cleared of those negative energies, people have found that they are able to move forward again with their lives, able to work through their problems. Some problems may even disappear overnight. Therefore w e provide a safe, nurturing space for learning, sharing and healing.

We are dedicated to helping people to heal on all levels, to reconnect with their ‘Spirit’ and creating their own success and satisfaction as well as a sense of fulfillment that will arise with it.

You just need to give yourself PERMISSION TO HEAL.

'You must be the change you want to see in the world.'
Mahatma Gandhi
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